“Van emancipatie naar participatie“ - Mieke Schlaman’s photographs


This exhibition focuses on photographs taken by activist photographer Mieke Schlaman (1946 - 2023), who captured women during all feminist waves for more than forty years. Always with the goal of making the invisible woman visible. "The women's cause is in my DNA. We are more than half the world's population and we matter. I want women to be taken seriously."

Even though Mieke Schlaman's photographs sometimes go forty years back in time, that does not make them any less current. As a photographer and a writer, I had the opportunity to work with Schlaman’s images, reflecting on and with them and thus, allowing the past, present and future to correspond with each other.

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Exhibition on view at the Central Library, The Hague. Mar 5th - May 10th, 2024.

Being a girl is not a fact, it’s a million of facets of what it means to be a girl, of what you want it to mean when you say "I’m a girl" and of what I want to scream when I throw back at you: "I AM A GIRL."